Who are Neo Productions?

Neo Productions was established in 2001 by Rasha Abu-Rish, to venture in diverse fields such as T.V. commercials, T.V. programs, kids programming, dubbing & sound and provide production services for shooting in Egypt. We are in the business of using creativity to persuade audiences on behalf of our clients. Our in house crew and studios enable us to provide a unique service where attention to detail, promptness and cost effective solutions are the key!
We started with dubbing where we were able to grasp the attention of huge international co-operation and worked on many major projects involving some of our local cinema famous celebrities.
Our staff of producers, directors, editors, and writers draw on their various experience in creative advertising, music, social media, and reality T.V. to create projects that connect with audiences mentally and emotionally.

Approach of Neo Productions

Stories are the way we discover our project and give us something which to reunite around. Stories push us to think outside the bubble and consider new ways of doing things.

We don’t want audience to sit back and watch, we want them to lean forward and participate. We want our work to be additive to audience lives.

Why Neo Productions?

Because we want to deliver the best quality for the best value. We welcome the unbearable ideas when it comes to our client’s desires, as we believe that great ideas can persuade the blind to suddenly see and the deaf to finally hear.

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